Shuming Ma (马树铭)
Master Student

Language Computing and Machine Learning Group (LANCO),
School of EECS, Peking University, Beijing, China

Email: shumingma (AT)

Short Bio

Hi, I am a final-year master student from the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at Peking University (PKU). I work on natural language processing and machine learning, under the supervision of Prof. Xu Sun. My research interests mainly lie in deep learning and natural language generation, especially text summarization, machine translation, and machine commenting.


  • May. 14th, 2018 - Two papers accepted to ACL 2019.
  • Nov. 1st, 2018 - Two papers accepted to AAAI 2019.
  • Aug. 29th, 2018 - Attended and presented one paper at NLPCC 2018.
  • Jul. 16th, 2018 - Attended and presented two papers at ACL 2018.
  • May. 8th, 2018 - Started an internship at Microsoft Research Asia.


  1. Key Fact as Pivot: A Two-Stage Model for Low Resource Table-to-Text Generation
    Shuming Ma, Pengcheng Yang, Tianyu Liu, Peng Li, Jie Zhou, Xu Sun
    ACL 2019
  2. A Deep Reinforced Sequence-to-Set Model for Multi-Label Classification
    Pengcheng Yang, Fuli Luo, Shuming Ma, Junyang Lin, Xu Sun
    ACL 2019 (Short Paper)
  3. LiveBot: Generating Live Video Comments Based on Visual and Textual Contexts
    Shuming Ma, Lei Cui, Damai Dai, Furu Wei, Xu Sun
    AAAI 2019 [pdf] [code]
  4. Hierarchical Encoder with Auxiliary Supervision for Neural Table-to-text Generation: Learning Better Representation for Tables
    Tianyu Liu, Fuli Luo, Qiaolin Xia, Shuming Ma, Baobao Chang, Zhifang Sui
    AAAI 2019
  5. A Hierarchical End-to-End Model for Jointly Improving Text Summarization and Sentiment Classification
    Shuming Ma, Xu Sun, Junyang Lin, Xuancheng Ren
    IJCAI 2018 [pdf]
  6. Query and Output: Generating Words by Querying Distributed Word Representations for Paraphrase Generation
    Shuming Ma, Xu Sun, Wei Li, Sujian Li, Wenjie Li, Xuancheng Ren
    NAACL 2018 [pdf] [code]
  7. Autoencoder as Assistant Supervisor: Improving Text Representation for Chinese Social Media Text Summarization
    Shuming Ma, Xu Sun, Junyang Lin, Houfeng Wang
    ACL 2018 (Short Paper) [pdf]
  8. Bag-of-Words as Target for Neural Machine Translation
    Shuming Ma, Xu Sun, Yizhong Wang, Junyang Lin
    ACL 2018 (Short Paper) [pdf]
  9. Global Encoding for Abstractive Summarization
    Junyang Lin, Xu Sun, Shuming Ma, Qi Su
    ACL 2018 (Short Paper) [pdf]
  10. Automatic Academic Paper Rating Based on Modularized Hierarchical Convolution Neural Network
    Pengcheng Yang, Xu Sun, Wei Li, Shuming Ma
    ACL 2018 (Short Paper) [pdf]
  11. Phrase-level Self-Attention Networks for Universal Sentence Encoding
    Wei Wu, Houfeng Wang, Tianyu Liu, Shuming Ma
    EMNLP 2018
  12. Semantic-Unit-Based Dilated Convolution for Multi-Label Text Classification
    Junyang Lin, Xu Sun, Pengcheng Yang, Shuming Ma, Qi Su
    EMNLP 2018
  13. SGM: Sequence Generation Model for Multi-label Classification
    Pengcheng Yang, Xu Sun, Wei Li, Shuming Ma, Wei Wu, Houfeng Wang
    COLING 2018 (Best Paper Award) [pdf]
  14. Does Higher Order LSTM Have Better Accuracy for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data?
    Yi Zhang, Xu Sun, Shuming Ma, Yang Yang, Xuancheng Ren
    COLING 2018 [pdf]
  15. Deconvolution-Based Global Decoding for Neural Machine Translation
    Junyang Lin, Xu Sun, Xuancheng Ren, Shuming Ma, Jinsong Su, Qi Su
    COLING 2018 [pdf]
  16. An End-to-End Question Answering Model Based on Semi-Structured Tables
    Hao Wang, Xiaodong Zhang, Shuming Ma, Xu Sun, Houfeng Wang
    COLING 2018
  17. Accelerating Graph-based Dependency Parsing with Lock-Free Parallel Perceptron
    Shuming Ma, Xu Sun, Yi Zhang, Bingzhen Wei
    NLPCC 2018
  18. Improving Semantic Relevance for Sequence-to-Sequence Learning of Chinese Social Media Text Summarization
    Shuming Ma, Xu Sun, Jingjing Xu, Houfeng Wang, Wenjie Li, Qi Su
    ACL 2017 (Short Paper) [pdf] [code]
  19. meProp: Sparsified Back Propagation for Accelerated Deep Learning with Reduced Overfitting
    Xu Sun, Xuancheng Ren, Shuming Ma, Houfeng Wang
    ICML 2017 [pdf] [code]
  20. Transfer Deep Learning for Low-Resource Chinese Word Segmentation with a Novel Neural Network
    Jingjing Xu, Shuming Ma, Yi Zhang, Bingzhen Wei, Xiaoyan Cai, Xu Sun
    NLPCC 2017 [pdf] [code]
  21. Training Simplification and Model Simplification for Deep Learning: A Minimal Effort Back Propagation Method.
    Xu Sun, Xuancheng Ren, Shuming Ma, Bingzhen Wei, Wei Li, Jingjing Xu, Houfeng Wang, Yi Zhang
    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE)
  22. Towards Easier and Faster Sequence Labeling for Natural Language Processing: A Search-based Probabilistic Online Learning Framework (SAPO).
    Xu Sun, Shuming Ma, Yi Zhang, Xuancheng Ren
    Information Sciences. Elsevier.

Education and Experience

  • Interning in NLC Group, Microsoft Research Asia, May 2018 - Sept. 2018.
    Mentor: Dr. Furu Wei and Dr. Lei Cui
  • Master-degree student in Computer Science, Peking Universiy, Sept. 2016 - Now.
    Advisor: Prof. Xu Sun
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Structure Analysis, Peking University, Sept. 2012 - Jul. 2016.
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (double Bachelor's degree), Peking University, Sept. 2013 - Jul. 2016.

Academic Activities

  • Program Committee Member: ACL 2017, ACL 2019, EMNLP 2018, EMNLP 2019, NLPCC 2018, NLPCC 2019
  • Sub-reviewer: AAAI 2016, IJCAI 2016, ACL 2016, AAAI 2017, IJCAI 2018
  • Journal reviewer: Neural Networks


  • National Scholarship, 2018
  • Academic Excellence Award, 2018
  • COLING 2018 Best Paper Award
  • Canon Scholarship, 2017
  • Merit Student in Peking University, 2017
  • Mathematical Contest In Modeling (MCM), Meritorious Winner, 2015
  • Schlumberger Scholarship, 2015